Week Two

October 11th, 2015

Now to directly address the group who thinks this is a stupid or impossible idea.  How the hell am I planning to live in a car - a sedan - for months and through a Midwest winter???  I'll tell you how (with photos)!

I have a 2010 Toyota Yaris with 101,000 miles which I purchased new in November of 2009:

Here are the items I require:
Work shirts, pants, ties

Toiletries in the box next to a laundry basket in the trunk:

Pillows, blankets in the footwell (car meticulously cleaned pre live-in) and entertainment:

And a little thing that let's me plug normal stuff into my car:

While my back seats do fold down there’s a 3-inch bump between the seat back and the trunk.  If my hips stuck out about 4 more inches this would probably be a comfortable place to sleep.  As they do not, I simply recline the front seat and konk out.

Important Q&A:

Where to go to the bathroom? 
I foresee many concession purchases as I patronize nearby gas stations and pubs.  I’m already working on a list based on cleanliness and accessibility (will publish later).

Where to shower?
While I can go two nights in my normal routine before desperately seeking a shower, I'd prefer not to.  Luckily (?) I don’t exercise and any rigorous activity is usually pre-planned complete with safety lines or life vests.  That will likely change eventually, but for now CPTB and a couple close friends have graciously offered their WC a few times a week.  If all else fails I can find a Love's gas station and use the trucker showers.  I've always wanted to do that, but I hate wearing foam flip-flops.

So that's all nice and good, but I still wake up with greasy Wolverine bedhead every single morning.  Where do I wash my hair before work?
I’m expecting to become fast friends with the Bride of Frankenstein who mans the counter at the gas station near my work.  They have a nice, detached, clean bathroom where I’ve washed my hair the past few days.  I can park right in front of the door and go in with a towel, shampoo, and toothbrush without getting weird looks or questions too complicated to answer when I’m still half-asleep.

The last question which CPTB posed in the planning stages was where I can park while I sleep.  After a quick Google search I discovered Wal-Mart welcomes travelers, vagrants, and those saving for babies to sleep in their lots unharrassed.  After briefly considering taking anything from that awful company, in the end CPTB and I decided that the only nearby Wal-Mart was in an area too saturated with crime to consider even as a temporary bedroom.  In fact, it was actually just recently deemed The Worst Wal-Mart in America.

Until a cop taps my window with his flashlight I’m planning on hitting up the streets and parking lots around places I’ve already lived.  I mean, I got away with much crazier shit in and around each of those places (See below for examples*), it doesn’t seem that anyone would give a damn about a dude passed out in his car.

That’s the plan.  Let’s see what happens!

Next post:  The weird shit I've already witnessed.

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